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Ocule Bot Blocker

Stop the most advanced bot and fraud attacks in their tracks

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Serious about security

What makes Bot Blocker special

Website security has historically been done wrong.We're here to set things straight.
Advanced security
Our next generation browser interrogation techniques go above and beyond the current standard of bot detection software.
Cost effective
We believe blocking bots shouldn't be expensive. Our pricing is 2-5x cheaper than our cheapest competitors.
Block more bots
Bot Blocker is tailored to defeat even the most advanced, determined attackers. Unlike competitors, we aren't satisfied with just stopping simple public bots.
Low false positive rate
Our solution uses no "guesstimates". Every decision is based upon hard evidence of automation.

Why use Bot Blocker

We block any and all automated attacks. Here are the most common.

Payment fraud

Large scale payment fraud attacks, where fraudsters make thousands of fraudulent purchases with stolen cards, are becoming increasingly common and have devastating financial consequences to your business. Cut them out with Bot Blocker.

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Account takeovers

Databases of leaked account credentials are now easier to obtain than ever before. Due to password re-use, enforcing a strong anti-automation policy on your login endpoint is essential.

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Content scraping

Protecting your digital assets can be tricky in the ever-evolving world of web scraping. Bot Blocker ensures your content is shown only to the users you want.

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Loved by our clients

150.32M requests protected/month
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“Ocule has reduced our automated fraud from ~3% of payments to 0%, saving thousands a year in chargebacks. Customer experience has been exceptional, and integration to our product was simple and smooth”

Ryan Hooper
CEO of Rampage Networks
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“Ocule bot protection services designed a tailored solution for our merchandise website, effectively thwarting scalpers and automated bots from purchasing the majority of our stock. This solution has empowered us to cater to our genuine fans without the constant concern of fraudulent purchases.”

Merchandise Manager
Shopify store processing flash sales

Easy to integrate

Our simple integration makes it easy to start protecting your website right away.
    <script src="https://load.ocule.co.uk/script.js?key=xxxx-xxxx"></script>
    <form action="/login" method="POST">
      <label>Username:</label><br />
      <input type="text" name="username" value="" />

      <label>Password:</label><br />
      <input type="password" name="password" value="" />

      <button type="submit">Login</button>

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